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April 11, 2012

Recipe cards.... my very first attempts

these are very new to me to create... my 2  first are here if you would like them ....

hugs  from


a few Blank tags i've managed to find....

only me  LOL...  have found some matching Blank tags  for some of the Wallpapers ,  remember the delete button is always your Friend  " smiles "

hugs and hoping,


Time lines as promised

as promised  :-)    i have some matching time lines   for you  as well  ♥

still adding things as i go  ,  hopefully will find things i've either forgotten completely about , i'm thinking of it as either a gtreasure hunt  or  a paint shop disaster   :-)
it's a beautiful morning  here in Australia ,  early Autumn , slightly chilly  ,  but i'm so looking forward to winter and the wood fire  ,  i love the cosy feel of it all  ...  
anyway , whatever you are doing today or evening  ,  i sincerely hope you find smiles  and sweet moments .   Speaking of sweet moments,  we recieved a beautiful hand made  card  from our  6 yr  old Granddaughter, Bridgette  this morning  ,  with a photograph  ♥♥   

Ooops  i almost forgot the link...:

love and hugs from


I'm back with some Wallpapers for you .....

Good morning Friends  , i'm so excited , as i'm writing this note i'm praying that i have remembered all of my good Friend Sonel's directions , regarding posting and zipping  :-)

I am creating Wallpapers and matching  Face book  Timelines   ,  maybe  the occasional extra  and tag  , along with some Recipe cards.... 
will be working my way into things as from today  .  Hey  !!   i'm nearly old  ,  lol   can't rush things  hahaaaa
the link below  will take you to  som of my latest Wallpapers  ,  i surely hope it works for you ....

Thank you for taking a peek  ,  remember you always have the delete button  " GRINS "

cheers from