Triple_e's Creations is a place where I will be sharing my Tags and matching Extra's, by using Scrap Kits of various talented Scrap Kit Creators. This is my "little home" on the internet and I also hope to one day, write motivational thoughts and add them. I love to write and chat to everyone and to share all my Blessings that I have in my life, of which Molly Rae is one :-)

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February 20, 2009

Friday's babble

Hi , a lot has been happening, pc wise, have been busy finding tubes , masks, tag templates , anything really , that i'd thought had been lost, some good new, some bad :-) have found some , now that has to be a bonus don't you think ? lol a wonderful Friend , who doesm't live very far away as it happens, was good enough to burn things onto disk for me , the smiles are coming back . Isn't it just the " pits " when everything is going right, have heaps saved on hard drives, then without warning, one hard drive won't allow me to get my treasures ha ha haaaa, computers ! will never understand them. Friday evening here, raining , well i should say has been all day , the garden is going to bloom in this weather, and we don't have to do a thing lol
Molly went to the vet today , she's been plauged with a constant itch , i was so worried, but he said it's quite common in Shih-Tzu's gave her some medication , she's looking quite sleepy now, but hopefully we'll have some sleep tonight, :-)
did try to create some tags last night but something went wrong , did n't turn out like i would have liked them to , back to the drawing board... that's the beauty of psp , always delete !
i really hope to get back to creating very soon , just need to find the ooompf :-) i can feel it , lmbo

Hope everyone will have a wonderful week end , i'm still looking for signs of Autumn, am convinced now, that these rains could be it :-) says she hopefully , our wisteria is beiggning to lose it's leaves as well, not many but just a few , theres another sign :-)))

Will love you and leave you , Good night , and God Bless