Triple_e's Creations is a place where I will be sharing my Tags and matching Extra's, by using Scrap Kits of various talented Scrap Kit Creators. This is my "little home" on the internet and I also hope to one day, write motivational thoughts and add them. I love to write and chat to everyone and to share all my Blessings that I have in my life, of which Molly Rae is one :-)

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June 5, 2009

A Mother's Love Lay out

Another creation ... made using " A Mother's Beauty " by Vicki Gee you will find Vicki's Blog HERE
I've not created any matching extras for this one , still making up my mind what to do here :-)
Last post for this evening ... so will say Good Night , God Bless stay safe, have wonderful week end... sailing again for us this Sunday , am looking forward to it, i love the water... theopen spaces...

A Mother's Beauty

i created this set with the beautiful PTU scrap kit belonging to Vicki Gee please take a look , you will find " A Mother's Beauty HERE

there are 17 matching extras for you to enjoy :-) you will find them HERE , i hope that you enjoy them .

Hugs and smiles from


Rapture Extras

for stopping by , for looking and for being kind to me LOL as i've said before my tags are really basic, following a tutorial is quite a challenge " smiles " i made these 2 years almost ago, but for the life of me, can't find the blank iknow i've saved it somewhere , how about that ! hahahaa lucky that i'm not a secretary , my filing system leaves a lot to be desired.....

if you would like the extras to match the one above... you are so welcome to download them HERE

Before i go, please take good care everyone, sleep well, Good Night and GodBless,



Summer Fun

Big hugs to Everyone , has been so long, feeling a tad proud tonight that i actually am able to make a post :-)
i based this tag on the wonderful tutorial written by Snakelady you will find it HERE
my wonderful Friend Sonel translated this tutorial into English

If you would like the 11 mataching extras , please download them HERE :-) i hope you enjoy them as much as i did making them for you.....

Until next time , love and hugs going your way...

Good Night and God Bless to You and Yours

May 13, 2009

Orient Extras 7 in the set.....

another try at posting the extras to the lastpost :-) lets see what i can manage to do this time, hahahaaaaaa

if you would like the extras from the previous post , you areso welcome... you will be able to download them HERE

OK things are goingwell so far , fingers crossed , let's see what chaos i've managed to create :-)

Hope that your day / evening hasbeen kindto you

love and hugs from


Oriental Tag Extras

Hi , stopping by with an example of the 7 extras just made , like the one above. The tutorial i followed for these was one written by the talented Snakelady

This tutorial was translated into english by my talented Friend Sonel . Please visit both of these girls , you won't be disappointed.

well, it's off for me to post the extras, and then try another tut , you will find many on Sonel's blog .....

hugs and good wishes from


April 20, 2009

Posting for " Elegance " set of Extras

Hi ,
Just finished a matching set of extras to the Header above , and was hoping someone might like them " smiles "

there are 16 in the set .... they can be downloaded HERE

If you download them , i hope you enjoy them .

Good Night, God Bless You and Yours



April 18, 2009

Saturday night Ramblings....

How's everyone doing , well , i hope . Today was a better day than yesterday started out , whoa ! anything that could go worng did :-) by lunch time though , everything had worked out , managed to get the cat out earlier this morning, even found that most of my clothes were on the right parts, buttons done up wherethey should be :-) the cat found himself down the stairs by himself, instead of having to shake himself in harassment , he is so cranky at the way i help him to get to the bottom of the stairs, and lose his dignity ! good job , he's such a sweetie . " smiles "

Has been a wonderful lazy day today , did what we had to , chilled out , " his nibs " watched his sport, i played , life is at a very precious age i think for us.
I had to smile , was talking with a " Tut " writer, i've never heard this expression before , it's just the best ! the epression used was " Brew "
meaning tuts Don't you think that is wonderful ?

I'd like to have a go at writing a tut, but wouldn't have the nerve , besides, i might be sued ! then have to pay for medicinal costs, and therapy . Have so much respect for our tut writers , and our scrap kit creators , can't imagine how much work goes into it all....

Off to take a shower, wash my hair, then take abook to bed to read in peace. What ever you are doing today or tomorrow , stay safe and well .

Good Night, God Bless You and Yours

hugs from



" Smiles "

i had no idea what i was making here, not that i ever do LOL , i did want to make something soft and romantic . Ialso used some papers, flowers and a butterfly from Vicki's new kit
Whimsy Butterfly Garden you will find the whole kit HERE

Vicki's kit is a beautiful Spring / Summer designed kit. I love it because it's so versatile. The elements are the cutest , i know you'll agree.
What i've made here, could be used for a Header , a card , it's up to you.

Good Night, God Bless You and Yours from,


Whimsy Butterfly Garden Extras 2

Hi again,

only me , i made another set of oxtras for you . These were made from Vicki's latest kit Whimsy Butterfly Garden found HERE

You are very welcome to download them HERE

Hugs from


Whimsy Butterfly Garden Extras

Hi Everyone,

Here is a new bunch of extras for you , i created them with Vicki's new kit ,she named it Whimsy Butterfly Garden you will find this gorgeous kit HERE .

Please visit Vicki , you will be glad you did.

The link to pickup these extras is HERE

Thank you so much for looking , i hope you enjoy them . Have a grand week end, love and hugs from

April 15, 2009

Take time to smell the flowers...

Ooops ! everyone, please forgive me i've not given a link to Sonel's blog , to the tutorial i followed for the Extras ... Sonel , keep smiling please :-))

You will also find the home of Snakelady

You will find this gorgeous tutorial HERE at Sonel's Blog

As noted before the set of extras can be downloaded HERE

Please forgive me ladies , i was so excited that i'd found the " oompf " to create something, my i just got carried away :-) , mind youit's quite easy for me to do . Enjoy them if you download them , i will be making more .
Love and hugs from me to you

Take time to smell the flowers... extras

Hi, made a set of extras for this one,

have uploaded them for you HERE . Ihope you like them :-)
Thetutorial for this was written by the very talented Snakelady !
My sweet and talented friend Sonel translated this tutorial into English . You will find all the supplies ,including tube , with this tutorial.
Hoping that your week will be agood one...
hugs and smilesfrom

March 31, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Toon ~ Triple_e

Hi ... made some more extras tonight with the same kit, as before created by Vicki at This kit was named Easter Egg Hunt , it's a PTU .

The rest of the extras to match the one above maybe downloaded HERE

Now it's good night from me , i hope your day / evening has been all that you had hoped it would be...


hugs from


Easter Egg Hunt Extras

I'm smiling to myself here, forgot to give the link to the extras , it must take ages to read my posts and find the things you want to read, and not my ramblings. I'm feeling so much better these pastfew days, it's incredible .
Feel free to dowload and share HERE
These were ofcourse made with the same wonderful kit as the last 2 posts. Vicki, did the most wonderful work here , it's such a soft and pretty Easter kit, youwil find usesfor it year after year. It is a PTU but worth every cent....
Vicki's blog can be found here....
GodBless You and Yours,

Gentle Easter ~ Layout

I'm not really sure what this is, i know i'm going to make some cards
for Easter with it , it started out to be a Layout , things never finish up the way they begin with me :-)
again , i used the awesome scrap kit designed bythe talented Vicki , please take a look
at her blog, you won't be disappointed....

You are so welcome to downlaod HERE

Thank you so much for looking . The name of this fabulous kit is Easter egg hunt , this is a PTU kit, but well worth it .

Vicki has a wonderful blog, please take the time , you won't be sorry :-)

Hugs from


Happy Easter ~ 2009 Layout

This is my very first Layout , please be gentle , i had to do it, Easter is here, Children bring a certain joy to Easter don't you think ?

I used the beautiful kit Easter Egg Hunt Scrap Kit

Which was designed by Cazie

You are very welcome to download HERE

March 24, 2009

Waiting for Spring, matching extras - 24 - 03 - 09

These are the matching extras, again it is the tutorial called Waiting for Spring, written by Snakelady, translated into English by our own Sonel ... Link for this tutorial is given with the matching extras. All supplies for this wonderful tut are freely supplied. It has so many possibilities, if you have the chance i would recommend you to try it, you will not be sorry.
These extras can be downloaded in full HERE
I hope you enjoy them as much as i did making them... Spring is one of my most favorite seasons, here in Australia we are about to enter Autumn , i love it , the hot weather will be gone yay !
Enough of my ramblings :-) it's goodnight from me, God Bless You and Yours
love and hugs

Waiting for Spring name tag extras. 24- 03 - 09

i have to thank Snakelady for writing this brilliant tutorial, Sonel for translating it,
"Waiting for Spring" : Snakelady Dutch Tutorial & English Translation . Everything you see here was supplied in the tutorial, please, i really recommend that you try this one. It is so well written even i can understand :-)
This zip i have uploaded for you will only contain the tags pictured. I've created matching extras and about to upload them.
PlYou are very welcome to download any name tags link is HERE
Love and hugs from

March 13, 2009

Sonel, you are an absolute gem, you came through for me again sweetie. The tutorial you wrote and published on your blog on how to upload the images is so well written, i hope i uploaded them correctly .

Friday evening here in Australia, we have our 6 year old Granddaughter, staying with us for the week end, lots of things planned, we are also visitng our 2nd eldest Granddaughter tomorrow, " girls day out " . Hope everyone has a wonderful week end they come round all too often these days , hope that doesn't mean i'm getting older. Now , is everyone all pumped up for the St. Patricks Day festivities, Easter just around the corner , so much to do , so little time :-)

Good Night to You and Yours...
love and hugs from


St Patricks Puppy

I hope you will enjoy the matching Extras , if you would like to download them , you will find them HERE
Please enjoy a wonderful St. Patricks Day