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February 4, 2009

A bit of this and that....04 - 02 - 09

A bit of this and that, and today I had so many big plans to create some tags, instead visitors arrivied, that means cooking doesn't it ? :-) Whipped up some pikelets, , made whipped cream ... easier than I thought , so we had them with jam, oooohhh ! I must say they weren't half Our Daughter in law, Louise, had loaned me a book that not one recipe takes any more than 4 ingredients. It's a wow ! I have to buy that book! I'm not big on cooking, but if it is all that easy , I think I could become to like it :-) I haven't had the time for any of those domistacet things since discovering PSP , that is sooooo bad isn't it ? I promise you , if you can get your hands on this book you won't regret it . I did manage to finish off some tags with a set of matching extras this evening, will have them on the blog here tomorrow, with the help of dear Sonel. They weren't made for Valentine specifically, but do have a romantic theme , so we'll see .

That's about all of the news from me this evening...

big hugs from



Sonel said...

Hi sweets,
Yes, that is the same here. When I plan on making tags or just relaxing, something always happens to mess it up..LOL! But it sounds like you had lots of fun with the baking. As much as I want to, if I start baking from a book, everything flops..LOL!

Send through the tags when you are ready sweets. I am in no hurry...:-)

Thanks also for the lovely chat. We had a lovely day here. Cool and also some rain. I love rain..:-)

LOL! Well, send some pancakes and soup over when you're finished..hee hee..

Same here hon. All I love about summer is that we can go swimming. The heat must not be too heavy, but I guess we can't control that either hey? :-) I bet Aisha is enjoying herself so much and everyone misses having her at home..:-) Give her and Molly a big hug from me and Simba..:-)

Take care too sweets and have a good rest.
Love & Hugs