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February 20, 2009

Friday's babble

Hi , a lot has been happening, pc wise, have been busy finding tubes , masks, tag templates , anything really , that i'd thought had been lost, some good new, some bad :-) have found some , now that has to be a bonus don't you think ? lol a wonderful Friend , who doesm't live very far away as it happens, was good enough to burn things onto disk for me , the smiles are coming back . Isn't it just the " pits " when everything is going right, have heaps saved on hard drives, then without warning, one hard drive won't allow me to get my treasures ha ha haaaa, computers ! will never understand them. Friday evening here, raining , well i should say has been all day , the garden is going to bloom in this weather, and we don't have to do a thing lol
Molly went to the vet today , she's been plauged with a constant itch , i was so worried, but he said it's quite common in Shih-Tzu's gave her some medication , she's looking quite sleepy now, but hopefully we'll have some sleep tonight, :-)
did try to create some tags last night but something went wrong , did n't turn out like i would have liked them to , back to the drawing board... that's the beauty of psp , always delete !
i really hope to get back to creating very soon , just need to find the ooompf :-) i can feel it , lmbo

Hope everyone will have a wonderful week end , i'm still looking for signs of Autumn, am convinced now, that these rains could be it :-) says she hopefully , our wisteria is beiggning to lose it's leaves as well, not many but just a few , theres another sign :-)))

Will love you and leave you , Good night , and God Bless




Sonel said...

So glad you got it all sorted out sweetie. Best is to always backup what you have on CD or DVD. A hard drive is something that can give in at any time...ask me..LOL!

You are so lucky to have a wonderful friend like that hon. Friends are real treasures yes..:-0

We are also having lovely rain here. So sorry to hear about Molly having itches as well. Simba is the same, especially when he has been in the front garden on the grass. He is allergic to the grass..can you believe it? What I did notice that help for the itch as well as his skin, is Kali Phos No. 6 tissue salts. I give him one tablet in the morning and one at night. It also helps for anxiety, which he has a lot where fireworks and thunder are concerned. Give Molly a big hug and kiss from me and Simba. She is such a sweetie-pie...:-)

Can't wait to see the new tags sweets. You are so talented..:-)

You must have a wonderful weekend as well dear friend. Take care, take it easy and don't rush with anything.

Love & Hugs

Triple_E Creations said...

Dear Sonel !
well, i can't begin to tell you the problems we've had with the isp provider, but i won't lol , you can imagine though , i wanted to tell them what i thought missy , but something notld me not to , mind you it all took 4 days to work out, given 2 of them were the week end , never mind it's in the past ... will go onwards and upwards. Molly even looked a tad annoyed mind you hahahaaaaa, she's with daddy now, he's watching the cricked in peace, don't you just love it, when the men are doing something they want to do, don't have to feel guilty then do we, for the amount of time we spend on the pc...
hope all is well .

Will burn everything to disk from now on Sonel, so that shouldn't be a problem, will do it about once a month is that enough ?

Thanks bunches for the tips on Simba's allergies , our 2 suffer from anxiety as well ,i often grin , our youngest son says, " if your not on medication when you come to our home, you will be by the time you leave !! " , i think he's right you know, Sonel, even our 2 puppies are :-) lol
fireworks is a no no ! for our 2 , they are terrified, and also of thunder , even though fireworks is banned in the streets over here , people seem to get hold of it however ...
looks like a storm brewing, which will be wonderful ... and WOW ! did i tell you missy, it's Autumn over here, i love the thought of that . Have also promised myself to go walking every day , didn't today , was so hot ! perhaps tomorrow .

love and hugs from you ditzy friend


Sonel said...

Oh, I know how many problems people are having with their ISP providers sweetie...but I am glad it's sorted out now..:-)

Yes, once a month is a good idea to backup the goodies you have to disk.

Glad the tips helped somewhat. I know how difficult it is when the furbabies have to go through things like that.

Also Autumn this side but still a bit too warm to my liking...LOL! Enjoy the lovely weather there.

Love & Hugs

Triple_E Creations said...

Hi from this side of the world to you Sonel. Our weather is still very hot as well, but i'm waiting for the rains , that's an almost sure sign then , that autumn is soon here.... i know you love the cooler weather as well. Have you been swimming ?

Have a wonderful day , talk really soon...
love and hugs