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April 17, 2011

Gentle Treasure Extras

As promised  ,  the above extras  , which will match  the wallpaper   Gentle Treasure

Please feel free to downlaod ,  and share if you wish ....

Thank you for bearing with me , with all the mistakes i've maken in uploading things of late ,  still learning and trying to remember the instructions.,.. or in my case... Destructions    "  smiles "

Hugs from
Bev   ♥


Sonel said...

Awwww..this is gorgeous sweetie! So glad to see you creating again. Love it and thanks for sharing. :)
*big hugs*

Triple_E Creations said...

Hello there Sonel ♥ , so good to see you , TY for your kind comments . Have missed being on here , but you will see i've mad a few mistakes uploading etc lol . Recieved your email tonight, your new home looks so lovely , i am jealous of that swimming pool , it will be wonderful for you !! Simba , making new friends , it's all just the cutest story ... happy packing and arrival in your new home... love and hugs from me to you....♥♥

Sonel said...

You are such a talented creator hon and it's such a pity that we don't get to see your awesome creations anymore. I miss them and you. :)