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January 25, 2009

Sunday night ramblings

Just a little chatter before bed...Sunday evening and all is well :-) The hot weather still doesn't show any signs of letting up, looking for signs of autumn every day. I don't think I was made for summer and can never remember a summer that was hotter than this one Thank Heavens for air conditioning! Even my little puppy refuses to venture out even when her daddy! I am thinking of buying a new pc and hopefully hubby will see the benefits very soon ha ha ha haaaaa. Haven't been creating a lot this past week, but hopefully all of that will change this coming week.

Thank you so much for your lovely emails! They are so welcome and much appreciated.
Wishing each and everyone a safe week end for what is left of it, and a Blessed week ...
Good Night , and God Bless You and Yours....
Hugs from



Sonel said...

Love your chatter hon...:-) When I want to die because of the heat we have here in South Africa, I just think of my friend in Australia that has the same problem and it becomes bearable..LOL! Today we are having lovely, cool weather and I am very thankful for that. The weatherman said it would hoorah for that!

Thanks for my lovely tag as well! You are such a talented creator!

Have a lovely, safe week as well hon.