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June 5, 2009

A Mother's Love Lay out

Another creation ... made using " A Mother's Beauty " by Vicki Gee you will find Vicki's Blog HERE
I've not created any matching extras for this one , still making up my mind what to do here :-)
Last post for this evening ... so will say Good Night , God Bless stay safe, have wonderful week end... sailing again for us this Sunday , am looking forward to it, i love the water... theopen spaces...


Sonel said...

Wow! Everything is so awesome hon! Thanks so much for all the extras and you did an excellent job on Snakelady's Tutorial. Just love the way your tags always come out. You are so talented! Thanks so much for all the extras and for sharing your awesome work here!

Going to check my settings again. I am still not getting any updates from Feedblitz when you post something new. I have no idea what is going on...:-(

Take care and have a wonderful day!
Love & Hugs

Triple_E Creations said...

" smiles " , so good to see you my Friend. Thank you bunches for your kind words ! Sonel, i'm sitting here in the Family room waiting for the wood heater to warm this big old house :-) , only just stepped inside the door from our day of sailing , as it's winter over here in Australia, you can imagine just how cold it was today out on the water , but i have to say it was relaxing ! i love the fresh air , the scenery ... just a wonderful day all round, except when we arrived home, unpacking the boat, and the little odd jobs , that have to be done right there and then ! , mind you i would wait until tomorrow, but the men must have it all done their way :-)...
Thank you for your lovely email sweetie



Sonel said...

So glad to see you too my friend. Sounds like you are having a lovely time in front of your wood heater. I can only imagine how cold the water must be as it's just as cold here and we are also having winter and today it's kind of a cloudy day but no rain, but no sun smiling or warming us.

You must have fun and have a wonderful day my dear friend.
Lots of love & Hugs

Kat said...

what a beautiful tag, Bev, great job!
your blog looks fantastic

Triple_e said...

Hi Kat,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, they are so much appreciated.

Thank you also for visiting, it's so lovely to see you here.

I hope your week end will be wonderful

Hugs and much appreciation from


Sonel said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog sweetie! Good to see you again!

Love & Hugs

Triple_e said...

Hi Sweetie,

oh my Goodness ! Sonel, you amaze me girl, you are so talented ! i love your templates , still need to get back and get to your tuts that you've translated, once the school hols are over i promise :-)

Love you Sonel , have missed you terribly during the internet saga ! , everything has been fixed so life is good again :-)...
enjoy the rest of your week end sweetie,

hugs always

Sonel said...

Hi sweetie,
So glad you like the templates and I can't wait to see what you come up with when doing the tuts. You are always so creative!

Have fun with little Miss Aisha there..:-)

Missed you lots too sweetie. Just glad to have you back online again!

Have a great day!
Love & Hugs

Triple_e said...

there Missy Sonel, it's almost bed time over here, i'm guessing mid morning with you , thaks for your kind comments sweets , you are my inspiration , once the hassle of the school holidays are over, things will be quiet , time to chill out in psp " smiles " . Nana's need that don't they ? hahahaaaaaaaaa

love you,


Sonel said...

Early in the morning here sweets and lovely, overcast weather. Hoping for the summer rains so that we can swim and so that the sinus will pass...:-)

I thought YOU were my inspiration sweets? LOL! Well, I guess we are each other's inspiration hon. Can't wait to see more of your lovely tags!

Enjoy the little missy and the holidays hon. I can hear you are having lots of fun with Aisha!

Take care and have a great day hon!
Love & Hugs

Triple_e said...

the summer weather should clear your sinus , it's a dreadful thing i don't suffer from it, but know many who do. Enjoy that rain girl, we are supposed to get some tomorrow as well, Missy goes home tomorrow afternoon , the holidays are over lol , back to the books :-)
Have a wonderful day , enjoy everything you do... will talk again soon sweetie...

hugs from


Sonel said...

Oh, I sure hope so sweetie. I love Autumn and Spring..just hate this sinus we have to put up with, but it's least we have cures for it..:-)

Simba is doing better as well. We took him for a little walk tonight and he didn't cough once while we were running/ he was doing the running..hee hee..and he got quite exited seeing all the other dogs in their yards but not once a cough and he enjoyed it very much! Tomorrow we will do the same. When we came back he coughed a little at the gate and that was it. Now he's sleeping in his bed here by my pc and we're going to go to bed in a little while :-)

We had a little bit of rain but we're hoping and waiting. They predicted rain for this weekend, so we'll see :-)

Take care sweets, lots of hugs for you, Molly and Aisha and have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

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Triple_E Creations said...

Hi Farhana, Thank you so much for visiting , also for your lovely comments. I'm visiting your blog right now. I've quite forgotten about this blog of mine :-) will add some more things shortly . Happy New Year to Youp and Yours . Hugs from Bev