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February 8, 2009

2 Awards for me!

I just received 2 beautiful awards from Marianne at Marianne's Creations! Thanks so much Marianne! I am floating, can't believe I'd ever have an award..:-)

Well, after all the exitement, I would like to pass my awards to :

Marianne - again ... :-)


The Way You Live


Thanks again Marianne..:-)


Sonel said...

Oh, you are just the sweetest hon! Thank you so much for these awards. Coming from you they mean such a lot to me and it's an honor for me...:-)

Have a great day!
Love & Hugs

Triple_E Creations said...

actually i should be giving you another award Sonel, the tutorial you translated of Snakelady's , was the easiest i've ever tired in all these years. You managed to keep my attention right though it all :-) !
Enjoy your day , remember Autumn is just around the corner , hopefully , it's raining softly here this evening, so things should cool down again ... talk again soon ...


Sonel said...

LOL! Oh no sweets. Seeing you happy and having so much fun creating again, is award enough for me..:-) Snakelady's tuts are the best, aren't they? I just love doing them!

Just love the tags sweets. Going to put them up now so everyone can see what gorgeous creations you came up with again...:-) Thanks so much for my lovely tag! I just love it!

Enjoy your day too sweets. Seems like we are also going to have some nice rain. Love rainy weather...:-)

Now I must get back to my translating fun..:-)

Love & Hugs

Triple_E Creations said...

it must be so much fun to see words come alive in another language, i learnt french at school , but can only manage to count and fairly ordinary stuff now, i'd need more grasp of it , especially if we were travelling , but it's a country that does fascinate me. I've often thought of going to tafe to learn it again, but can't drag myself away from the pc lol so i'm leaving the translating to you sweetie. It's always a pain when you go to do a tut and have to rely on your own devices hoping to come through it all ok, i like to know what i'm doing , i'm not good at surprises :-) i mean most of the time my end result is enough of a surprise ! lmbo . Yes, you are right again girl, Snakelady is an awesome tut writer... Jet is as well , will do some for sure , i love her tubes...

hugs and good night for now


Sonel said...

Oh, it sure is sweetie. I love foreign languages and would have loved to speak French. It's such a beautiful language...:-)

You always know what you are doing sweets. I can see it in your creations. Tutorials are only there to sharpen our imagination and teach us new things we didn't know about the programs we are using. You are doing a great job with your tags and creations and I just love them all!

Take care sweets!
Hugs & Love

Triple_E Creations said...

why thank you so much missy Sonel ! hahahaaaaaa i'm grinning because you can make me smile when everything looks darkest. I'm working really hard to convince wayne that i really need a new pc, i'm quite convinced , he can't see why an 8 year old pc can't go on for another 8 years ! but then he does have trouble understanding anything " puterish " lol don't worry , i'm persistent , and just know it won't be too long " big smiles " lol
have a brilliant day ...


:: LELANIE :: said...

Thank you VERRRRRY much Bev :D I am very honored :D and I've added them to my blog :)

I am glad I had time to do that today, it happens allot that I don't have much time :(

Lots of Love

Triple_E Creations said...


so welcome, you deserve them, your work is stunning . Had to smile when i read you are often running short on time as well , if i seem to be always in a panic, a rush or very forgetful Lelanie, you will know it's quite normal for me , and forgive me .. please ? :-)))