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February 10, 2009

Becky Tags & Extras

I just loved this tutorial. It's a tutorial written by Snakelady, called "Becky" and Sonel translated it into English and it can be found ~here~. It's awesome!
Download 18 Tag Extras ~HERE~

Hugs, from


Sonel said...

Thank you so much for my lovely tag hon! It's gorgeous!!!!

Have a great day!
Love & Hugs

Triple_E Creations said...

Hey Missy , you so welcome , i'm on a roll i think :-) have been playing with some pics of our Grands , trying to figure out how to make tags with the pictures, have no idea how to mist, other than to use a mask, and we both know that isn't the right way lol but if you have any ideas, aunty bev is waiting to hear . They are so cute, and i thought if i made some scrap tags etc, i could surprise their Mum's and Dad's ... but anyway we'll see by tomorrow i'll have changed my mind for sure , lol

now have a good day , enjoy your time translating those beautiful tutorials, can't wait to try them , if they are as easy as this one was...

love ya


Sonel said...

Good for you sweets! I love it when you are on a roll..:-) I just love what you did with the photo of your 3 year old Granddaughter, Bridgette. She is just the cutest!!!! Please do keep on creating. I am sure her mom and dad will love them!

So glad you are enjoying the translations sweetie. Snakelady and Jet's tutorials are the best!

Hugs and Love

Triple_E Creations said...

Thank you so much for Bridgette's compliments, she's such a cutie, and once i get going again , all 4 will have their own little creation . I've not shown her parents as yet or her other Grandparents, but will of course, they are all of to the coast for 2 weeks this week end, so it will all be a surprise for when miss 3 comes home lol Wayne has to just keep the camera rolling with this little madam , she's so fast off the mark :-) , as everyone with Grandchildren or children of their own would understand..
thanks again sweetie for the beautiful compliment regarding our dear little treasure .

Regarding Snakelady and Jet's tutorials, Sonel ! they are awesome, and your translations of them, make them so easy to understand ! the 3 of you are a terrific team.

Blessings to you sweetie...
hugs from


:: LELANIE :: said...

Dear Bev!

What a beautiful tag, thank you so much! You're a sweety <3 And you know how to cheer someone up :)

BIGGGG hugs,

Triple_E Creations said...


again you are very welcome, also happy to hear that it cheered you .
You are so sweet to me always....

hugs from