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April 18, 2009

Saturday night Ramblings....

How's everyone doing , well , i hope . Today was a better day than yesterday started out , whoa ! anything that could go worng did :-) by lunch time though , everything had worked out , managed to get the cat out earlier this morning, even found that most of my clothes were on the right parts, buttons done up wherethey should be :-) the cat found himself down the stairs by himself, instead of having to shake himself in harassment , he is so cranky at the way i help him to get to the bottom of the stairs, and lose his dignity ! good job , he's such a sweetie . " smiles "

Has been a wonderful lazy day today , did what we had to , chilled out , " his nibs " watched his sport, i played , life is at a very precious age i think for us.
I had to smile , was talking with a " Tut " writer, i've never heard this expression before , it's just the best ! the epression used was " Brew "
meaning tuts Don't you think that is wonderful ?

I'd like to have a go at writing a tut, but wouldn't have the nerve , besides, i might be sued ! then have to pay for medicinal costs, and therapy . Have so much respect for our tut writers , and our scrap kit creators , can't imagine how much work goes into it all....

Off to take a shower, wash my hair, then take abook to bed to read in peace. What ever you are doing today or tomorrow , stay safe and well .

Good Night, God Bless You and Yours

hugs from