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April 15, 2009

Take time to smell the flowers... extras

Hi, made a set of extras for this one,

have uploaded them for you HERE . Ihope you like them :-)
Thetutorial for this was written by the very talented Snakelady !
My sweet and talented friend Sonel translated this tutorial into English . You will find all the supplies ,including tube , with this tutorial.
Hoping that your week will be agood one...
hugs and smilesfrom


Sonel said...

As usual you did an amazing job hon! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thanks so very much...and for placing my links and all the beautiful compliments. You are just the sweetest...but I only did the translation sweets...:-) Snakelady should get all the credit as she has all the awesome ideas..:-) But thanks again.

Love you my friend!

Triple_E Creations said...

Now, you are too kind :-) sweetie , Snakelady has written this tutorial so well, that no one could fail .
Oh ! i did have quite a morning , firstly , dropped the hair dryer on the bathroom floor, it's making like a rattling noise :-(, so i quickly hid it in the linen cupboard , just in case " his nibs " found it , still thinking of an excuse for that one lol
then.... i was putting the cat out the laundry door , mind you i wasn't dressed for the occasion
:-) , just a shirt lol , without any warning, our boarder, came through the gate to go to work , voila ! there i was , got such a shock , neither of us spoke, i wouldn't be surprised, if he's not had to have a strong drink, a valium , or both !! lol ...
Could that be a sign that today could be one of those days ? Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa , me thinks it is :-)

Love you my Friend ,