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April 15, 2009

Take time to smell the flowers...

Ooops ! everyone, please forgive me i've not given a link to Sonel's blog , to the tutorial i followed for the Extras ... Sonel , keep smiling please :-))

You will also find the home of Snakelady

You will find this gorgeous tutorial HERE at Sonel's Blog

As noted before the set of extras can be downloaded HERE

Please forgive me ladies , i was so excited that i'd found the " oompf " to create something, my i just got carried away :-) , mind youit's quite easy for me to do . Enjoy them if you download them , i will be making more .
Love and hugs from me to you


Sonel said...

Thanks again sweets..and not hard to keep smiling when I am on your blog. Wasn't feeling well the past few days. Had a run in with a brown recluse spider that bit me so I was feeling a bit icky, but because I was bitten by one a few years ago, I think I've build up some immunity and so the poison didn't affect me that much and I am also taking meds, so I am doing better..:-)

Thanks again for all the lovely shares. You really did an amazing job and I love them all!

Love & Hugs

Triple_E Creations said...

Sonel, i could never have done anything without you , do you know this tut is the second , i've ever been able to actuallyfinish ! , the first one was done by Snakelady , andtranslated by you as well !
Wow ! a spider , when i read that , i just had to get up and check underneath this desk , have the worst phobia to them .Do these spiders live outdoors, did he find you in the garden ? Are they deadly ? You poor sweetie , Simba must have been beside himself , with his " Mummy Bear " sick . I wish you well, and hope it won't be long before you are all better and back to your cheeky self " winks " .

Love and hugs to you always


Sonel said...

Oh no sweetie, you can do anything you set your mind too...but thanks for the compliment. You just know how to make me feel good..:-)

I am glad you are enjoying the tutorials so much sweets. Snakelady is a very talented tut writer..:-)

The spiders are mostly outside the garden and yes, they are poisonous, but I am much better and Simba wasn't very happy. When I am tired, he sleeps and when I am not feeling well, he is grudgy and then everyone must leave him alone as he stays close to me..:-) My little sweetheart!

Doesn't matter how sick I am sweets...I stay "cheeky"..hahaha

Love you!

Triple_E Creations said...

Oh Yes, Sonel Snakelady writes awesome tuts , so easy to follow, with excellent results.
Oh God ! the spiders , Sonel i was doing some weeding this afternoon , it was getting quite late and dark , i remembered you and the spider bite , so i yelled to " his nibs " , that i'd had enough ! , i'll finish it all tomorrow . We bought some shrubs, and plants this afternoon in town , i wanted to get them all planted before the heat of tomorrow's sun.

Poor little Simba , he's the same as Molly , they need their " Mummy Bears " don't they ? Molly just has to be around us, that's all she asks for . If the Grandchildren come fora visit, Molly needs tranqualizers :-) true story ! she is a little " softie " . We are so lucky to have our babies aren't we ?

I can imagine howcheeky you'd be, your cheeky enough when your well !!!

Hugs and smiles from


Sonel said...

Oh yes sweetie, I just love her and Jet's tutorials. They are really so easy to follow and I just love translating them and I am just so glad you are enjoying them too...:-)

Yeah, the poor spiders..LOL! Shame...they are more scared of us than we are of them, but that's how it goes hey? Yes, I just have to be more careful..that's all. Next time I will just put on some Tabbard to keep them away from me. I don't like to kill or poison anything in the garden..:-)

For sure our furry kids need their "mummy bears" aroun them and we need them around us..:-) Shame...Molly is just like Simba. He doesn't like visitors as well or children wanting to play with him. We sure are very lucky and blessed to have our babies. You are so right hon! :-)

Whahahah...nah..I am also a real softie..just as long as someone don't mess with my hubby, kids, furry kids or my friends...:-)

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!
Love & Hugs

Triple_E Creations said...

Well, Missy Sonel, they both write the most awesome tuts, i've learnt so much from them, things i've never dreamed of doing , the tuts are written so that anyone could understand .

The spiders Sonel ! i have a phobia about them ,they are my most dreaded thing ... promise .
If i saw a spider , my legs would never carry me fast enough :-) , if one were to bite me, that would be it for sure , the bite wouldn't have a chance of killing me, the shock would ! Before i go to bed at night, i always check the ceiling for spiders :-)
Now, i have no idea what Tabbard is , is it gardening gloves ? We have 2 very dangerous spiders over here, one is the Funnelweb Spider , the other is the red back , they are so poisonous , they could kill . We have others that are dangerous for sure....i admire you that you won't kill anything in the garden , i don't like to kill anything either, but if it were a spider, i really would kill it, before it killed me , they do so much good iknow, but i can't think of any at the moment HaHaHaaaaa

Simba is such a darling , he's gentle just like Molly .
Molly is just beginning to get over the noise of the last week or so :-) .

Did i mention this Friday is our 35th wedding anniversary , the Family are all coming to stay , Molly will want to escape to the bedroom again ;-)



Sonel said...

They do, don't they sweetie..:-) I've also learned so much either and just wish I would get my mojo back and make something again, but lately I just don't feel like making anything, but I am sure it will come back...:-)

LOL! You always know how to make me laugh..:-) I can see you running..hee hee. No, Tabbard is an insect repellant stick that you can rub on you. You get "Peaceful Sleep" as well and you get it in spray or the stick. It keeps mosquitoes and insects away from you and I keep forgetting to put that on me when I work in the garden, so the spider bite was my own fault..:-)

Oh yes, spiders do a lot of good and I sure don't like killing them either, but we sure can't allow them to go around and bite us hey. I mean, we love our gardening and they should respect that too..LOL! So, insect repellant we come! hee hee

I think Molly is much more gentle than my Simba..:-) He can be very aggressive and loves to play rough but he is gentle with his mommy...and likes his mud. When there is a wet spot in the garden, he will go there immediately and lie down in it and if it made mud, he will roll around in it..LOL!

Shame, I can understand what Molly is going through. Simba doesn't like too many people around him as well and don't like strangers either. He would then run to our room and come and hide here, but then he expects me to be with him as well..LOL!

Oh my and Wayne must enjoy your 35th Anniversary and have a wondeful day. I wish you both all of the best and for more lovely, love-filled days and much more...:-)

Till next time.
Love & Hugs

Triple_E Creations said...

Mojo ! i think mine is fading too :-) although i do really have so much to learn and want to learn it all like now ! lol Would love to learn how to create Scrap kits , they are awesome, templates, and word art like you do ! WOW.....

Is " Peaceful Sleep " like Tabbard ? i'm beginning to think i want some of that " Peaceful sleep " :-) Well since all of the talk about spiders since your awful bite, i've not been in the garden , i figure Sonel , staying out of their way is the sensible thing to do lmbo

Sonel , Molly , sometimes worries me... we take her outside to play , she won't leave my side, she's just happy to be close by , i've never seen a dog like her, she has never looked like biting anyone, but Henry Mortimer, on the other hand is a worry in every respect, bites, barks, growls. Sonel, have to tell you this... picture it ! Henry had " His Nibs " bailed up in the hallway , he really was ready to rush at "his nibs " and attack , thinking quickly ... " his nibs " bared his own teeth at him , i screamed with laughter, henry has never tried that trick since ...

Thank you for our Anniversary wishes , we are going out to dinner of Friday evening, with all of the Family, should begood ... it's a really swank restaurant whoa !

hugs for now


I'm giggling right down to my toes Sonel... i have this mental picture of you guys with visitors, and Simba won't allow you out of the bedroom ! cool !

Sonel said...

Oh no, your Mojo can't fade because you are keeping me inspired sweetie. I just have to get to the part where I make, just keep going..:-)

Yes, the Peaceful Sleep is also the same...I don't know what kind of insect repellant sticks or sprays you get there on your side. Just check in the supermarkets or chemists..:-)

Oh, I've forgotten all about the bite sweetie. Now don't let a little spider bite keep you out of your lovely garden. I know I won't...:-) I just have to be more careful in the future..that's all...:-)

That is nothing to be worried about hon. Simba is like that too. They are our Guardian Angels and have to be close to us and they also feel safer when they know we are close to them..:-) Henry Mortimer sounds like a real sweetie and it's a good thing that he is the fierce one in the family...:-) I bet you had a good laugh...:-)

Simba is also like that. He can be quite tame as a lamb and the next minute he will attack if it seems that someone wants to harm me or his family..:-)

Well, you and Wayne must have a wonderful night out on Friday and remember to have a glass on me too...:-)

hee hee...yes, can you imagine that..LOL! Well, I will tell you, I won't mind. Then I have a good excuse for not coming out of the bedroom..hahah

Have a wonderful day sweetie!
Love & Hugs